Strong Vine #7

Schlage Locks: So strong, they’ve never been hypnotized.

Strong Web Video #11: “Oldest Trick”

What, exactly, is “the oldest trick in the book?” And what’s this about locks having shirts?

Strong Vine #6

Schlage Locks: So strong, they’ve never hopelessly tweeted at a celebrity for attention.

Strong Web Video #10: “Hypnotist”

Even the most accomplished of semi-professional home hypnotists can’t put a Schlage under his spell.

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How many artists in the song can you name? The first person to get them all (or whoever’s named the most by Friday, May 31st at 5:00 PM Eastern) wins a free lock.

Update: Thanks to everyone who entered—we’ll be contacting the winner shortly. And in case you’re curious, here are the answers.


Schlage Locks: So strong, they’ve never lost at poker.

Strong Magnets.

Strong Basketball.


Tip: Don’t play poker against the world’s best poker face. (Especially if you don’t know how to play poker.)


The Schlage knows the ending…but it’s not talking. 

Strong Baby Name.

Amell — German name meaning “Power of an Eagle.”

More strong names at (Clearly, they didn’t include “Schlage” because its strength goes without saying.)

Vintage Strongman.

Al Treloar, first worldwide bodybuilding champion.


Strong Grill.

See more grills here. And have a safe, strong Memorial Day.